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About Us

Greetings to all, and welcome to the Hickory Glen Community, A Deed Restricted Community. Where we as a community family bond together to keep our nieghborhood safe , clean and presentable to include Bylaws enforcement. Come and be a part of our great community.



Especially this little one, therefore we should take care of our dogs, by making sure they have everything they need to survive. like food, water, baths, updated shots, leash, when walking them around the community. liter bags are essential in recovering and properly disposing pet waste. Other things  included, like keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let’s continue to take care of our wonderful and lovely pets. 

Note: We also have a lot of stray cats rooming the neighborhood. Please do not feed them, it only draws them the greater the more.  


Just as flowers grow together, so do communities like ours, with much more in store, in-retrospect to looking out for one another, reporting unusual and suspicious activities, respecting each others space and lending a helping hand from time to time. A plan like this will certainly reflect beauty, just like flowers.   


Help keep the community pond clean by disposing trash and debris in its proper places. This includes plastic bags containing pet waste. This also will help keep the pond sprinkler free of un-neccessary cost, concerning breakdowns, repairs or equipment replacements. 

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Hickory Glen HOA

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